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About the Owner & Head Coach

Coach Dave is a life-long athlete with a passion for helping others succeed. Growing up, Dave cycled and played various team sports, such as baseball, hockey, and football. While competing and striving to achieve his own goals, he always had a strong work ethic and a natural ability to mentor others who were less experienced. His dedication and hard work has always allowed Dave to succeed on his own, as well as to facilitate improvements in others.

In 2008, Dave discovered the sport of triathlon, and that passion for helping others was ignited once again. After participating in his first triathlon, Dave knew very little about the sport, but spent years reading and studying everything he could on the subject. After securing his USAT Coaching Certification in 2012, he founded Power2Tri Multisport and has been working successfully with adult athletes ever since.

“Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone achieve something they never thought possible,” says Dave. “I love the tactical and strategic dimensions of the sport, and helping people achieve or surpass their goals.”

As a coach, Dave pushes his athletes out of their comfort zone, but avoids overtraining and injuries while keeping work and personal life balance in check. He assesses his athletes' goals, training regimen and all of their life stressors outside of training, and makes adjustments to assure they arrive at the start line healthy.

“It’s really important to balance triathlon with other areas of life.

Coach Dave also brings a deep understanding of the physiology and science of endurance sports, as well as a penchant for data and analysis. But he is particularly skilled at making judgements based on external factors when the data doesn’t tell the whole story.

Dave has prepared many athletes for their first triathlon, longer distances like 70.3 or Ironman, Overall and Age Group (AG) podiums and/or national and world championship qualifications.

“I love the impact I’m able to make in both an athlete’s self-esteem and their ability to believe in themselves,” says Dave. “Giving back to the sport through coaching is more satisfying than racing.”

Dave lives in Seacoast New Hampshire with this wife, two daughters and two dogs, many of whom join him in training or racing.