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Triathlon Program Overview

Your LIFE, Your GOALS - Your Custom Plan

With the Internet it's easy for anyone to find a training plan, however, they are typically generic and not customized for a specific athlete's strengths/weaknesses or for that matter, their individual goals.  With Power2Tri Multisport Coaching you will receive custom plans that are designed specifically for you, considering a wide array of variables.  We strive to help you achieve your best performance considering your needs, goals and experience while making sure to take into account other facets of your life, like family and work.

Ultimately your experience with a coach should be up to you, as the athlete.  Our coaches will aid you through the journey for your personal success in triathlon, whether that's completing your first triathlon, Ironman, qualifying for a National or Worlds event or simply improving your performance.


This program is ideal for the athletes seeking to take their performance to the next level, looking for a dynamic approach addressing key pillars for performance and periodic coach interaction. We directly address elements like the periodization, main event fueling & race plan and a functional movement assessment. Also, the program is delivered bi-weekly including a check in with your coach to review your training progress and develop the next training block while considering life: travel, family, work, races, weather, etc.

Free TrainingPeaks Account

Every active athlete receives a free TrainingPeaks Premium account (valued at $119/yr).  This will be the central method of scheduling and completing assigned workouts.

Personalized Training Plan

Each athlete receives a customized, dynamic training plan that takes into account individual goals and limitations balanced with other life priorities.

Strength Training Program

Key to athletic performance and maintaining the athlete's structural integrity is a strength training program which compliments the strengths and opportunities of each athlete.

Fitness Assessment + Custom Training Zones

Perform periodic fitness evaluations to determine the athletes unique training zones for Heart Rate, Power and Pace for each discipline. These metrics are utilized to administer sessions and assessment progress from baseline

Race Plan for all "A" Races

Athletes are provided with a comprehensive race plan that covers all dimensions of the race.  The plan includes individualized pacing plans, nutritional guidance and contingencies.  For athletes with power meters we also provide simulated power race analysis.

Ongoing Coaching Dialog

Some coaches limit communication unless you have an expensive, premium account.  We believe that communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship and do what's necessary to assure ongoing constructive dialog is occurring.